Quick Start guide is here!

A new Quick Start guide to get you started

The OLT has now created a Quick Start tutorial page to help you begin your ePortfolio. Follow the step-by-step instructions to perform the most basic tasks you need to know in WordPress. In the tutorial you will learn how to add new pages, set up your navigation menu, and set a static front page and posts page.

What is really great about this tutorial is that it is tailored to you as an English 150 or 250 student. The instructions will show you what specific pages you will need to start your ePortfolio so that it will help you fulfill the requirements of Assignment #6 as well as what order they should be in.

The Quick Start guide is your go-to resource for your ePortfolio. It is easily accessible on the ePortfolio homepage located in the header menu or in the featured section below the first heading (see picture below). Good luck beginning your ePortfolio!


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