ePortfolios in the LAS News!

Last week our ISUComm Foundation Courses director, Dr. Barb Blakely, and some members of the OLT sat down with the Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) College to share our work with ePortfolios. The last couple semesters of the ePortfolio initiative have been very exciting as we have seen 100 percent adoption into our English 150 and 250 courses.

In addition, the OLT and ISUComm have worked to spread our platform to other colleges on campus through multiplying our platforms. We now include eProfiles and eProjects as options for instructors and students to create web-based assignments, projects, portfolios, or even professional websites for future job searches. Since implementing these platforms we have seen other programs jump at the opportunity, such as Landscape Architecture, Meteorology, and Journalism.

The ePortfolio project has grown over 400 percent since its humble beginnings in 2015. Each semester we see more and more instructors asking about our WordPress-based platform that has been developed and supported by a staff of graduate students here in the English Department with the help and guidance of Dr. Blakely and members from the Engineering-LAS Online Learning (ELO) team.

For a full report on the ePortfolio project, you can read this article posted by the OLT showcasing the platform and how much it has grown.

To hear what the LAS college has to say about our work, read their article titled ISUComm ePortfolios teach where modern communication happens most — on the web.

For more information about any of our WordPress-based ISUComm ePortfolio platforms we encourage you to email the OLT at sites@iastate.edu.


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