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Watch Dr. Kathy Rose's Recorded Presentation Section

Dr. Rose was unable to attend CWPA 2017. Here is her pre-recorded section of the presentation. It will be played during the presentation, but please feel free to go back and watch this at your convenience.

Spring 2017 Workshop 1

Tool graphic by Freepik from Flaticon is licensed under CC BY 3.0. Made with Logo Maker

Spring 2017 Workshop

Tuesday, February 7th | 125 Ross Hall

How can I integrate ISUComm ePortfolios into my classroom?
After a brief recap of last semester’s training sessions, we will discuss methods for effective integration of ISUComm ePortfolios into your classroom. Topics will include:
  • Setting up a reflection blog for your students to write their reflections
  • Using the reflection (or reading) blog as a way to engage students with course readings and assignments
  • Adjusting privacy settings for classwide engagement, on a case-by-case basis
  • Creating other pages, posts, and post categories and tags as needed

We hope you will be able to join us for this training session. We ask that you prepare by doing three simple things:

  • We will have a laptop cart available, but we strongly encourage everyone to bring your own laptop so you can save notes and work within the context of your own machine.
  • If you do not have your own ePortfolio yet, please request ISUComm ePortfolios for your class in advance of the training sessions by filling out the request form here:
  • Please RSVP to Deanna Stumbo so that we know how much pizza to get. Free pizza and drinks are totally worth it, right?

If you are unable to make it to this formal training session, feel free to drop by Ross 306 or email us at with any questions you may have at any time. We’re happy to consult with you face-to-face in our office about ISUComm ePortfolio pedagogy whenever it’s convenient for you.

Screencasting Tools


Screencasting has become a useful tool for creating digital content. As a student, you could make tutorials, conduct an analysis, or record a presentation. Instructors can benefit from screencasting as a method to produce feedback videos of student work.

The ISUComm ePortfolio can be enhanced with multimedia content such as screencast videos. To help, we have provided a few links below to some free downloadable screencast apps available to you.





Quick Start guide is here!


A new Quick Start guide to get you started

The OLT has now created a Quick Start tutorial page to help you begin your ePortfolio. Follow the step-by-step instructions to perform the most basic tasks you need to know in WordPress. In the tutorial you will learn how to add new pages, set up your navigation menu, and set a static front page and posts page.

What is really great about this tutorial is that it is tailored to you as an English 150 or 250 student. The instructions will show you what specific pages you will need to start your ePortfolio so that it will help you fulfill the requirements of Assignment #6 as well as what order they should be in.

The Quick Start guide is your go-to resource for your ePortfolio. It is easily accessible on the ePortfolio homepage located in the header menu or in the featured section below the first heading (see picture below). Good luck beginning your ePortfolio!


Training Sessions for ePortfolios Instructors

The ISUComm Online Learning Team (OLT) and co-directors of Foundation Communication invite you to attend two training sessions on developing our collective mastery of our WordPress-based ISUComm ePortfolios system. Starting Spring 2017 ePortfolios will become standard practice in English 150 and 250, so these sessions are great opportunities to get up to speed with and/or delve in further to ISUComm ePortfolios in preparation for next semester. We will have free pizza and drinks at both sessions, so come for the food, and stay to further develop your ePortfolio pedagogy! The sessions will be as follows:

Monday, October 24th, from 1:10–2:00, in Ross 120

“My students have ePortfolios. But what should they do with them?”

Get up and running with ePortfolios and learn how to introduce them to your students. Find out about various methods for customizing an ePortfolio site, including theme selection, some of the advanced features afforded by Slim Jetpack, and an overview of how ISUComm ePortfolios’ features could benefit your students.

Wednesday, November 30th, from 3:10–4:00, in Ross 120

“My students have made their ePortfolios. Now how do I grade them?”

After a brief recap of the October session, discover and learn more about different methods for ePortfolio assessment and how to approach fair, summative, and holistic grading of these complex, interWOVEn artifacts. Some topics for this session will include:

  1. Breaking down the Assignment #6 assignment sheet and rubric
  2. How to evaluate reflections
  3. Screencasting ePortfolio feedback
  4. Marking up web browsers using Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox
  5. How to provide feedback in the English 150/250 Moodle template’s clickable rubrics

We hope you will be able to join us for both of these sessions. We will have a laptop cart available, but we strongly encourage everyone to bring your own laptop so you can save notes and work within the context of your own machine. And again, free pizza and drinks. What’s not to love?

***Please RSVP to Deanna Stumbo ( so we have an accurate count for pizza.***


Icons, Pictures, and Builders


Adding Visual Elements to your ePortfolio

One of the great benefits of creating your ePortfolio is the ability to include lots of visual imagery. You can upload photos, icons, videos, and more to help create a site that is visually pleasing to you and your audience. However, knowing where to find images that are free to you and do not require copyright can be tricky. Even more, being able to display images on your site the way you want can be hard too. This blog post presented by the Online Learning Team will give you a brief list of useful resources as well as introducing some plugins available to you upon request.

Copyright free, hi-res photos

Easy to use picture editor

Create logos and icons for free

Page builder plugins for WordPress

New ePortfolio Site

The ISUComm Sites initiative has seen an overhaul this summer! After several semesters of beta testing, we are now going to roll out our platform to all instructors. While Sites will remain the main hub for information and resources, the biggest change is the options available to you for developing web content.

Now, the ISUComm platform offers three separate domains for different pedagogical uses. The main platform, the one that initiated the Sites build, is the ePortfolio system. This is for all ISUComm Foundation course in English 150 and 250.