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ISUComm Leaders Receive Teaching Innovation Award

“We are proud to celebrate the unsung heroes among our faculty who made the spring semester a success. These individuals went above and beyond to serve our students, modifying their courses and pedagogy in novel ways and achieving strong course learning outcomes.” –Dawn Bratsch-Prince, associate provost for faculty Read more about the Teaching Innovation Awards … Continue reading ISUComm Leaders Receive Teaching Innovation Award

ENGL 150 TA Orientation featured on Inside Iowa State

TAs are essential in helping cover the large teaching load of English 150 and 250 -- the foundation courses of ISUComm, Iowa State's communication-across-the-curriculum program. This fall, there are 141 sections of the two courses combined, classes taught by 81 instructors. Read more about how ISUComm prepares new instructors.

Photo of Dr. Barb Blakely

ISUComm Foundation Director featured by Inside Iowa State Faculty

ISUComm Foundation Director Dr. Barb Blakely and ePortolio pioneer was recently featured by the Inside Iowa State for Faculty. Now in full adoption by our English first year composition (FYC) courses in ISUComm, the article interviews Dr. Blakely about her work as a director where she highlights the ePortfolio initiative. Whether you are an instructor or … Continue reading ISUComm Foundation Director featured by Inside Iowa State Faculty

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ISUComm ePortfolio Project: Fall 2017 Update

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Expanding networks to meet user needsIn 2016, ISUComm Sites transitioned to three separate domains all on the same WordPress platform ePortfolios Continuing the initial mission of Sites, ePortfolios is a dedicated network for ISUcomm Foundation courses (English 150/250). First year composition students develop private eportfolios. See a sample eProfiles Seeing a growing need for students, graduate … Continue reading ISUComm ePortfolio Project: Fall 2017 Update

CWPA 2017- Reflecting, Sustaining, and Expanding ISUComm ePortfolios-Slide 1 title slide for presentation

CWPA 2017

Members of ISUComm Foundation Courses and the OLT traveled to Knoxville, TN to present on ePortfolios and its continued sustainability in the English Department at Iowa State University. See what they presented in this post here.

Spring 2017 Workshop 1

Spring 2017 Workshop Tuesday, February 7th | 125 Ross Hall How can I integrate ISUComm ePortfolios into my classroom? After a brief recap of last semester’s training sessions, we will discuss methods for effective integration of ISUComm ePortfolios into your classroom. Topics will include: Setting up a reflection blog for your students to write their reflections … Continue reading Spring 2017 Workshop 1

Screencasting Tools

Screencasting has become a useful tool for creating digital content. As a student, you could make tutorials, conduct an analysis, or record a presentation. Instructors can benefit from screencasting as a method to produce feedback videos of student work. The ISUComm ePortfolio can be enhanced with multimedia content such as screencast videos. To help, we … Continue reading Screencasting Tools

Training Sessions for ePortfolios Instructors

The ISUComm Online Learning Team (OLT) and co-directors of Foundation Communication invite you to attend two training sessions on developing our collective mastery of our WordPress-based ISUComm ePortfolios system. Starting Spring 2017 ePortfolios will become standard practice in English 150 and 250, so these sessions are great opportunities to get up to speed with and/or … Continue reading Training Sessions for ePortfolios Instructors