Support Documentation

Support Documentation

This page contains a list of our support documentation articles for ISUComm ePortfolios. If you would like to suggest content for an article, please email us at All of these topics are covered in more depth in the WordPress Codex; the articles here are more localized for ISUComm ePortfolios.

Creating Content

sm_add_pagePages and Posts: information about WordPress’s main content types, as well as instructions for how to create basic content.

sm_add_categoryCategories and Tags: information about different ways to organize posts for readers, including main differences and how to create them.

sm_editorEditor: a diagram of the TinyMCE editor and its functions, as well as instructions for customizing your editor. Having a nicely customized editor can speed production.

sm_add_menuNavigation: instructions on how to create, add to, and edit navigation menus, as well as on how to choose theme locations.

sm_insert_mediaMedia: an overview of the media library, including how to upload files and insert them into pages and posts, as well as how to use the media editing tools.

sm_cyboxEmbedding and Linking Using Cybox: instructions on how to create hyperlinks and embed documents and images.

Embedding and Linking Using the Media Library: instructions on how to create hyperlinks and embed documents and images.

Embedding a Prezi: describes how to embed a Prezi presentation into a page or post using shortcodes.

How to Create a Slideshow: describes how to create a slideshow and embed the slideshow into a page or post using shortcodes.

Site Administration

sm_user-roles Users and Roles: information about WordPress user accounts and and user roles, including ISUComm Sites-specific roles. Useful for granting access to others.

sm_passwordSecurity: details about how to secure your account, and tips about passwords. This article is about general information security.

smpublish_menu Privacy and Visibility: instructions for how to set visibility of your ePortfolio and individual pages and posts, and how to password-protect certain content. Useful for presenting to multiple audiences.

sm_themes Themes: an overview of WordPress themes and how to customize the look and feel of your site. Also includes information about the effects themes have on your content.

sm_widgets Widgets: an explanation of what widgets are and how to use them to provide improved functionality.