Introductory Reflection

In this ePortfolio there are numerous posts of works that have been acquired over the time spent in ENGL 250 which are all organized into the categories provided above.  Though there are links for the final reflection post   along with the about me page.

I would like to say thank you Mr. Hanson for all the help and tips you have given to me over the semester. You have definitely help me get a foothold on the whole WOVE concept as I was not really familiar with it before. Especially certain works such as having me restructure my essay on the debate of video games of blending the information. There is also the case of at least trying to help me with turning my presentation into a video which though after various help including with someone using the terminal somewhat failed. Even then it was a good lesson with experience for future use. There also the case of well this whole ePortfolio which well without you, I would with certain have a more difficult time to complete. In conclusion you have been very helpful with helping me get started in a lot of things with also having the chance to enjoy English class for once.

As for my reflection of going though the various points provided such as if my composing process have changed any? If for at least the peace of mind is that I actually do finish my essays on time though it be for the best in the future to have a extended planning period. It would probably be better if I changed how I initially create ideas  of just floating some around my head and writing to having a list to choose from. Though when it comes to accommodate my audience it would probably be best to be clear as possible as possible when composing written work also the point of not being confusing. As of not but soon to change my drafting and revising are all done on one copy though maybe it would suit me better to have multiple copies o try out different revisions and essay structures.  Which could also help with having feedback from others in revising with using one copy with feedback from a certain person to better compare the overall difference of the essays. This could help me also improve my editing  process as it could help me spot the mistakes or weird sentence structures I do not usually see overall improving my editing and overall communication process. As for the weakness and strengths for WOVE still various.

For writing is still one of the stronger of the four though actually viewing the content could be shown of work needed though with a more proper time management and composing process could make my writing on an acceptable level.

For Oral is still up for question as though I can be a decent speaker I do tend to forget various facts that I will remember later, so having a planning process is greatly needed.

For Visuals in terms of drawings is fine though other subjects of visuals could need work with more experience in order to have a better position on the whole matter.

As for Electronics is still a struggle with a lot to learn in order to succeed since I am out of the woods for simple things and into the world of more complex matter such as working on this  ePortfolio.