Integrating Written, Oral, Visual, and Electronic Communication

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Creating your ePortfolio means you will be a web developer. To do this you will need to login to the ePortfolio system to access the administration panel and dashboard. You are ready to begin designing your site!

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Create your first home page and begin designing your ePortfolio. Learn how to add your first page, set up your menu, and set a blog page your site. Do not wait till the end of the semester. Start developing your ePortfolio today!

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Learning how to use WordPress can seem daunting at first. ISU provides you with free access to, the most comprehensive video training site available. Watch short tutorials to learn how to maximize your ePortfolio!

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Support Documentation

Our Online Learning Team has worked hard to make ePortfolios the best platform for you to showcase your communication work in English 150 and 250. Find support articles here that are specifically tailored to you!

ePortfolios will change the way you communicate

ISUComm's Foundation courses strives to help students develop their skills and knowledge in written, oral, visual, and electronic (WOVE) communication. Each of these communication components traditionally are collected in a paper portfolio to demonstrate growth through revision and reflection. However, the paper portfolio can only represent written communication, not the entirety of WOVE.

The ePortfolio system was created to bring your work as a student into the digital age. Now, you can combine and showcase all the components of WOVE communication on one platform. In your ePortfolio, you have the tools necessary to not only reflect on your communication process but to accurately represent it in all mediums.

  • The backbone of foundation communication is writing. Create pages or posts of all of your writing.

  • Often passed over because you can only write about speaking, now you can upload audio and visual files to truly represent oral communication.

  • With the ePortfolio you can upload images, videos, and design the site itself to truly represent your individual personality.

  • What used to be referred to as the silent "e" can now take center stage with the ePortfolio. The entirety of your work through a semester is developed and presented electronically.