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If you are coming to ePortfolios for the first time, our Quick Start tutorial will familiarize yourself with your WordPress dashboard. Follow the instructions and get set up right away with your WOVE ePortfolio.

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Whether a new user or experienced ePortfolio user, you can find instructional articles in a variety of categories. Learn new skills and design techniques. Expand the potential of your ePortfolio.

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You may encounter questions as you work on your website. The Online Learning Team (OLT) is here to help you! Send us an email at sites@iastate.edu with your questions or schedule a consultation with us in Ross 306.


ISUComm ePortfolios are built on WordPress, one of the most powerful and easy to use open source content management systems


ISUComm ePortfolios is built on the WordPress open source content management platform. The platform is easy to use and provides you with a lot of flexibility in creating your personal site. WordPress also has a large community of users that continues to improve the CMS and offer support.


As you learn how to use your ePortfolio you may find it helpful to see how to use it. Iowa State University offers students access to lynda.com's extensive video tutorials. Here we have added a direct link to WordPress essential training. Get to know your ePortfolio even more.


Your ePortfolio is secured through our custom privacy plugin. As you develop your site, only you and your instructor will have access to view your work. However, the exciting part about your ePortfolio is that it is yours! Contact your instructor or a member of the OLT if you want to showcase your work to the world.


We are a group of graduate students committed to developing multimodal technologies for ISUComm Courses. Our passion is helping students navigate their ePortfolios and create a personal website the way you want

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Tom Ballard

Greetings, all. I'm the current Assistant Director of the Online Learning Team (meaning I've been on the team longest), and I am a 4th year PhD candidate in Rhetoric and Professional Communication. When I'm not helping out with this great crew, I'm teaching English 314, writing my dissertation, working on the academic job hunt, spending time with my family, or playing video games or Dungeons and Dragons. I'm happy to help out with any technology/pedagogy concerns you might have.

Image of Yongkook Won, member of ISUComm Online Learning Team

Yongkook Won

I joined the Online Learning Team in fall of 2015. I am also happy to help you work through any issues you have with using Moodle.

Profile picture of OLT member Derek Hanson

Derek Hanson

Hey! I'm a PhD student in Rhetoric and Professional Communication. Besides having tons of fun teaching English 250 and working for the OLT, I love playing with my kids, walking around the State Center on campus with my wife, and doing woodworking. Drop in anytime for some help.

Kim Becker

I am a PhD student in Applied Linguistics & Technology at Iowa State University. My research interests include computer-assisted language learning and corpus linguistics. I live with my husband, two sons, five chickens, and one pet snake in Ames, Iowa and can be contacted electronically at this link.

Lauren Malone

I joined the Online Learning Team in fall of 2016. Happy to work with you and answer any Moodle or ePortfolio questions!

Image of Bremen Vance, member of ISUComm Online Learning Team

Bremen Vance

I am a PhD student in Rhetoric and Professional Communication. I spend my time teaching about, helping with, and researching the role of technology in effective communication.  Otherwise, I spend time with my family, traveling, hiking, playing video games, and watching movies. Please, let me know how I can help!