Sample ePortfolios

Example ePortfolios

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Example 150 Student

If you're experiencing ISUComm courses for the first time as a English 150 student, this sample portfolio is a good way to help you imagine your final project. This sample portfolio uses pages and posts to organize content. Posts are dynamic, and you organize them through categories and tags. This ePortfolio uses posts and organizes them with categories for Written, Oral, Visual, and Electronic (WOVE). Further organization for user searching is done with tags. The theme used here is Obliqe, and you can see how you can customize the site, such as uploading your own images.



Example 150/250 Portfolio

English 250 is the second course in ISUComm Foundation courses. You may already have an ePortfolio that you created in English 150. If that is the case, you will want to consider how to structure your ePortfolio in 250 to accommodate all of your previous work. This sample portfolio uses the Colorlib theme and an accordion style menu. This way the sample student is able to organize the components of WOVE in one place but for separate courses, 150 and 250.



Example 250 Sample

This sample ePortfolio is created to represent an English 250 student. The content and menu all show examples of what is expected of the final assignment for the WOVE ePortfolio. The theme this sample uses is Hemingway, which is one of the most popular themes among ISUComm students. It is easy to customize and add content to look the way you want. Some features that this sample ePortfolio demonstrates are: effective hyperlinks to other pages on the site, embedded video, and thumbnail image gallery.  



English 250 Sample

Here is an example of an ePortfolio for English 250. The theme being used is Vantage Theme. To extend the theme more, a plugin called Site Origin Page Builder was used to create the one page layout for the homepage. Icons link to each mode of WOVE communication and are built into the theme if you use the one page template.


Example 150/250: CY Student

Here is an example of an ePortfolio for English 250. The theme being used is Twentyseventeen. This is the standard theme you get with your ePortfolio. Here you will see a menu setup to include English 150 and 250. The homepage is using the one page featured option in the customize menu, highlighting the WOVE reflections. CY Student is a busy student, so checking back to this site periodically you might see changes.

150/250 Twenty Seventeen Theme




All of the samples you see were created by members of the Online Learning Team (OLT). Each member is experienced in WordPress and can help with questions you have about the platform. In addition, OLT members have taught or currently teach English 150 and 250, so they know the expectations of what should be included in the ePortfolio to fulfill the Assignment #6 requirements. The OLT also works closely with the ISUComm Foundation Courses director, Dr. Barbara Blakely, and assistant directors. All development of the ePortfolio system and samples meet the expectations of the program.