My best oral communication

As an example of my oral communication skills, I’ve included below a presentation delivered for Assignment #4, the documented essay.

Title of My Presentation: with a Further Subtitle

Use the player controls to watch my video.

Reflecting on Oral Communication

The reflection is provided here, but you could consider moving your reflections to the beginning of your page.

In this presentation, I’ve narrated  over my PowerPoint slides, and then exported as a video and embedded it into this webpage for visitors to watch.

During the process of creating this video from my original presentation, I actually combined the written, oral, visual, and electronic modes of communication in one project. Written skills were used in drafting my speaking script and the content for my slides, oral skills were used in the narration, visual skills were used in slide design, and electronic skills were used at all stages of the project, but especially in translating my spoken words and visual/written slides into this video.