Case #3

Case Abstract

Truss Right is a fictional company that has recently hired a new employee (the student) as Plant Coordinator. The manager is looking to promote an employee to the Quality Control position that would demand a significant raise. Students working through this case are asked to write a brief memo to the Plant Manager that will help inform the decision for the hire.

Keywords: Memo, Ethics, Audience, Data, and Professionalism.

Teaching Goals

The goal of this case is to teach students how to write an ethical memo for a specific audience within a specific context.

Learning Objective

Students will learn to:

  • Analyze audience, context, and data
  • Consider ethics in professional communication
  • Write a memo in a professional environment

Possible Deliverables

  • Brief Memo
  • Audio recording of report
  • Video recording of report


This case places students in a situation that will help them understand how ethics can play an important role in professional communication. They should be able to analyze data provided and evaluate the context and audience for their memo.