PowerPoint Tutorial

The following tutorial is designed to help you learn and practice strategies for effective PowerPoint presentations.

1:  Browse for inspiration

Before diving into the tutorial, browse the Cubicle Ninjas website to see some of the possibilities for designing PowerPoint slides.

2:  Begin the tutorial

Download the PowerPoint file below.  DO NOT turn on the slide show.  Keep the presentation open in the editor.

3:  Follow the instructions in the PowerPoint

Complete the PowerPoint tutorial by following the instructions embedded on each slide.  The goal is to use the content from the slides to generate new, improved versions that are given.  In other words, the content of the tutorial should be recreated to make a more effective presentation of the tutorial.

4:  Upload your Presentation

When you have completed the tutorial, upload your new presentation to your ISUComm Site.  Feel free to experiment with PowerPoint more to re-imagine slide design.