Teaching Materials

(Re)mixing My Teaching Statement

As we ask our students to communicate in multiple modes more often, there is no reason we [instructors] cannot do the same with our personal work. In particular, this section of my site is devoted to my teaching philosophy and how I integrate technology into the classroom. However, I imagine my philosophy through multiple modes. Here you can read my philosophy in writing, describing my constant blending of teaching ideology with my personal interest as a woodworking hobbyist. The metaphor of tools and technology I describe in writing are visualized in an image I created to represent my philosophy. I believe there is a lot you can learn about my teaching in just this one image.

To bring my teaching into the new media age, I repurposed my philosophy into a podcast and a video. The podcast is designed to be like a potential podcast series of teachers talking “shop.” It’s an informal approach that describes my teaching philosophy that takes advantage of the oral mode of communication. Finally, I wanted to deviate from my personal approach in my teaching and enlisted the help of some of my former students. I interviewed a few of my students to have a new perspective on how I teach. I may have a philosophy, but the true impact is what students see. Taking full advantage of digital technology, here I include a video of my interview with students describing my teaching from their perspective.

I hope you find my teaching philosophy insightful, but more importantly I hope you are inspired to reimagine your own teaching philosophy through different modes.

ruinsEnter into these pages of my site, if you dare, to see my exploration of technological tools to enhance teaching.