Case #5

Case Abstract

Truss Right is a fictional company that has recently hired a new employee (the student) as Plant Coordinator. Management has asked this position to handle the lumber inventory for the company. This case provides students with a data set to evaluate and produce visuals for a presentation.

Keywords: Data Visualization, Excel Spreadsheet, PowerPoint, and Presentation.

Teaching Goals

The goal of this case is to teach students how to manipulate data in an Excel spreadsheet and translate data into professional slides with visualizations that can be incorporated into a presentation.

Learning Objectives

Students will learn to:

  • Create data visualizations
  • Use Excel to manipulate data
  • Produce professionally designed PowerPoint slides
  • Give a brief presentation to a professional audience

Possible Deliverables

  • Data Visualizations
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Short Report


By working through this case, students will gain an understanding of workplace software programs like Excel and PowerPoint. Additionally, students will understand the value of audience awareness when creating data visualizations by responding to a particular problem delineated in the case.